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Assuring Love  provides hands on training, and resources to families who wish to foster children in Region 3 and surrounding Regions. Applying Christian principles, and TDFPS minimum standards, our agency-certified foster family homes serve the needs of children ages 0-18 in court ordered foster care.  We serve children with basic, moderate and specialized levels of care needs in the homes of families in Region 3 and surrounding Regions. 


Become a Foster Parent!
Are you, or someone you know, interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent? This is your chance.  There are children in the state of Texas that are waiting for you to take them in!

Innocent children who have been removed from their homes by Child Protective Services (CPS) due to abuse or neglect need families like you that will commit to meeting their needs, keeping them safe, and keeping sibling groups together where possible.

This commitment promises no easy guarantees.
A commitment to a child you don’t know can be challenging.  However, the rewards are immeasurable. Every child deserves a home where they can be safe, and have the opportunity to maximize their potentials. Opening your home and heart to provide care for a foster child can have a profound impact on the life of that child. We are looking for families who are willing to make the commitment to help these children live the normal life they deserve.

Take the first step to becoming a foster parent.  Complete an application and background form TODAY.  

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